Dali Epicon 8


Veistoksellinen high end-lattiakaiutin huippuluokan äänellä ja viimeistelyllä – NYT esillä, hinta/kpl


Dali Epicon 8 -lattiakaiutin

The absolute pinnacle of the EPICON series, the EPICON 8 delivers dramatically rich and detailed sound that will blow your mind and captivate your senses. The loudspeaker is the result of a passionate, tireless quest to reach perfection.

There are musical experiences in life so epic that you wish they would never end. Moments so wonderfully overpowering the very thought of them makes your heart tremble, your mind go wandering and your ears yearn for more. With the new, awe inspiring DALI EPICON 8 loudspeaker you can relive that sensation, again and again.

Prepare yourself for musical indulgence like never before – and for a beautifully statuesque design your guests will envy.

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